Timeline v2


Rohan Wolsey and I co-hosted our event Alt/Love for our society SWAPP Soc

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Went to London to compete in Nationals against Rebecca Cooney, Frank Thomas, John Wheeler, Tyrone Lewis and Toby Campion. Came 4th or 5th.
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Rohan Wolsey, Sanket Shrestha, Connor Macleod and I competed on behalf of Bath Spa University at VARSITY 2017 against Bristol Uni, Bath Uni and UWE. Connor and I were the top scorers of our team (round 1) so were split into two different teams for round 2, in which I got the highest mark for any poem of the night. We then both won our rounds ending up with a Bath Spa v Bath Spa final, in which Connor Macleod beat me by a point overall to become the winner. Making Bath Spa the winning team also.

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Performed a 10 minute set alongside Willis the Poet and Dan Simpson



I competed alongside George Cook, Rohan Wolsey and Rhys Tucker for Bath Spa University. We got through to the semi finals with many high accolades and were told we were strong competition and that other Universities had been ‘warned about us’. Laurie Bolger asked to be my friend. We made lots of friends, in particular Team Dublin (now Cracked Spine Collective).

My Prelims poem:

My Semi Finals poem:


Lucy English and Charlotte Souter began coaching the UniSlam team


Won the Inkbomb slam, as the artist (Caroline Teague)’s choice.


Fourth slam won! Entered Milk’s December slam and won. Slam wins ratio goes to 4/7.


Performed ‘The Broken Things’ at Raise the Bar alongside Maria Ferguson and Toby Thompson


Third slam won. Entered Hammer & Tongue Bristol and won! Will be going to Hammer & Tongue Regionals in June 2017. Slam wins ratio 3/6 entered.


Entered Bath Spa University’s poetry slam to pick the team that represents the University at all National inter-uni events. Won a place alongside George Cook, Connor Macleod and Rohan Wolsey. In the end because of illness our team changed.

For UniSlam 2017 our team was George Cook, Rohan Wolsey, myself and Rhys Tucker.
For Varsity 2017 (Bath, UWE, Bristol and Bath Spa) our team was Connor Macleod, Rohan Wolsey, myself and Sanket Shrestha.


Entered Hammer & Tongue, Bristol slam. My second slam in real life. Came second.


Mentioned in a review of Bristol Poetry Festival 2016


Performed at Raise the Bar alongside Miles Chambers (Bristol Poet Laureate) and Harry N Chris


RTB said…

This is the night Danny Pandolfi said “you gave me chills in a 50 degree room”


First time performing at Raise the Bar in Bristol. “Something Special”


Workshop with MiKo Berry (at Raise the Bar) inspired me strongly / influenced me to work harder as an artist.


Performed at ‘Other Voices’ at Banshee Labyrinth (Edinburgh Festival Fringe) alongside Fay Walker, Malaika Kegode, Hannah Chutzpah, Matthew MacDonald and Dominic Berry


Performed a 15 minute set at Raise the Bar at Banshee Labyrinth (Edinburgh Festival Fringe) as a co-headliner with Ruari Quinn


Performed at Spontaneous Poetry (run by Boomerang Club) at Pilgrim (Edinburgh Festival Fringe) alongside MiKo Berry and Jah-Mir Early.


Mentioned by Lucy English in a Guardian article about performance poetry.


‘That Creative Thingy Wotsit’s Online Slam


First co-headliner gig at Rhyme & Reason alongside Ursula Goldfinger and Maisie Siret


Performed at Bath Spa PRIDE alongside Lucy English and Tom Denbigh


Performed at Word of Mouth gig at Bristol Thunderbolt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhN9L1wznOM


Joined SPARTAN Poetry as a co-host on SpaLife Radio and broke the stations records for listens and our show was 2nd in the Student Radio chart for Sound Cloud.


I performed at about 3 events and then stopped attending due to ill health, and returned to the events the next year.