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Tarot Reading (Aug 1st)

My first spread with my first (own, Tarot) deck. (I learned how to read playing cards as a child so I have done draws before but not using a Tarot deck).

I waited until the right deck came along and when they did, the @soullifemagic White Dahlia set felt too good for me. But I realised that was my self saboteur getting in my way, and if I went with another deck just because it was cheaper and I didn’t feel like I deserved to invest in myself, then my readings would always be tied with that negativity. And I hold a lot of negativity in my perception of self anyway, so I decided to follow the call of these cards and I’m so glad I did.

They appeal so much to the feminine, fragile side of me that seeks beauty and peace rather than my darker side. And that’s the side of me I want to nourish.

This first spread told me a little about what’s coming around putting together my debut collection, which has left me excited but aware that there’s a lot of work to do.

I don’t know if I’ll share many other spreads, but this one I wanted to share these beautiful cards with you all to introduce the deck to you all. 🥰

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