“An incredible, moving, and powerful writer, Kathryn’s poetry is written and performed
with honesty and sincerity – one of the voices of a generation.” – Craft-D1

“Sensitive, moving, honest, beautiful imagery” Chloë Jacquet1

“Kate’s poetry grabs you by the ears and makes you listen. And you are glad that
you listened because her words will stun and amaze you.” Lucy English1

“Refreshingly and brutally honest, can bring you tears and give you life in just
one sentence. This is poetry we all need to hear.” Shagufta K Iqbal1

“Emotionally provocative poet with true understanding of the way life can be.
Refreshingly blunt and comfortingly honest” John James1

“When this poet speaks the audience wants to listen Not afraid to speak her mind Kate’s poems
illustrate an honesty integrity and clarity that budding poets should aspire to.” Gayle Smith1

“She’s got a black belt in spoken word” Rohan Wolsey1

“At once terribly sad and beautifully comforting. Her ability for
honest writing and performance is unparalleled.” Sven Stears1

“Brutal and harrowing, O’Driscoll knows grief better than anyone. A warning: take
a friend with you when reading, before the words take you.” Sam Grudgings1




1 Testimonial given in 2017
2 Date unknown