October 2021

🏆October 10th – ‘Unfinished Apology’ filmed with Inkbomb became an Official Selection at the Monologues and Poetry International Film Festival 2021. 

June 2021

Listed on the Bristol Post’s Pink List of the 73 Most Influential LGBTQ+ people in Bristol.

🏆 January 4th – Competed at Hammer & Tongue Cambridge slam and won, making me eligible for Cambridge Regionals for 2022 Nationals.

May 2021

🏆 Competed at the World Cup of Slam (la Coupe du Monde). Grand Slam Finalist (5th overall).

April 2021

📖 April – ‘Tracey Emin Got Nothin’ On Me’ published in the Golden Walkman Magazine Themed Issue ‘Isola’. (Link pending)

📖 24th April – Collaborated with ‘The Open Collab‘ by Charlie and Jake on The Moons I & II. Link

🔎  22nd April – Radio Interview and shared poems alongside Tyrone Lewis on Hammer & Tongue Radio. Listen here.

18th April – Runner up in the Lyra Bristol Poetry Festival slam (to Holly Moberley)

March 2021

💕 31st March – Joined the Apples & Snakes‘ Red Sky Sessions.

💕 28th March – Founded the St. Loe Collective.

27th March – Coached the Bath Spa University national poetry team (of Megan Baxter, Tyjana Howard, Gem Baskerville, Raina Greifer, Erin Green and Jessica Graham) with Callum Wensley for UniSlam. (Finalists: Finished third overall)

📖 26th March – ‘Sunburnt’ published in UniSlam Anthology 2021 (created by Anne Gill).

🔎 15th March – Radio Interview and shared poems on The CakEhole Show (102.5FM, Soundart Radio)

🏆 Became UK Slam Champion at Farrago National Slam. Qualifying for the World Grand Slam in May 2021.

February 2021

📖 ‘What If The Moon Loved You’ shared in audio format on BBC Upload on BBC Radio Bristol on February 1st 2021.

📖 ‘Home and Where The Heart Is’ published in the Sanctuary Anthology by Dream Well Publishing (Link pending)

Headlined Hammer & Tongue Cambridge.

January 2021

📖 ‘After You (Left)’ published in the January 2021 edition of Versification.

December 2020

📖 ‘Teeth’ published in the Paper Therapy: COA Edition Anthology by Jess Dawson on December 5th 2020.

🔎 Featured in ‘What is UniSlam?‘ by Process Productions for UniSlam.

November 2020

📖 ‘Castle Ruins Subsiding Into The Sea’ published in the Rebloom Anthology by Point Positive Publishing on November 21st 2020.

📖 ‘In Anticipation of your Unfortunate Demise’ published in the Rebloom Anthology by Point Positive Publishing on November 21st 2020.

📖 ‘The Grey Garden’ published in VOICES issue 2 by Untitled Writing in November 2020.

📖 ‘Sister’ published in VOICES issue 2 by Untitled Writing in November 2020.

📖 SkyArts (via CPL Productions) aired Life & Rhymes episode 2. Which included a performance of my poem ‘Perfect’

October 2020

📖 ‘Poetry in the Time of Covid-19’ published in the Mental Health In The Pandemic Anthology by SLAMMinutes on October 14th 2020.

📖 ‘The State of Denmark’ published in Issue Two: Waterloo of Wine Cellar Press in October 2020.

📖 ‘Civil Unrest’ published in Big A Little A Anthology 2020 by Big A Little A Anthologies in 2020. (Link pending)

🔎 Interview ‘Mixed Personality Disorder‘ published by Jemima Hughes on October 14th 2020.

September 2020

🔎 22nd Sept – Filmed ‘Perfect’ for SkyArts (via CPL Productions) Life & Rhymes episode 2.

📖 15th Sept – ‘Believing in Blurry’ published in the Poetic Vision anthology by WORDStafford.

🏆 4th Sept – Came 2nd in Hammer & Tongue Regionals (Cambridge). Qualifying for Hammer & Tongue Nationals.

July 2020

28th July – Verve Poetry Press asked to publish my debut collection in Spring 2022.

June 2020

30th June – Performed a Winchesterfest hour long set.

May 2020

📖 ‘The Austere Beauty of Trying Not to Die’ shared in video format by Process Productions on Muddy Feet Poetry video channel on May 7th 2020.

April 2020

📖 ‘Anaesthetic’ published in Lockdown Poems of Ledbury Poetry Festival website on April 30th 2020.

14th April – CandleLit’s first poetry competition was launched. Embers, Ignite. Launch of CandleLiterature.com and @CandleLitPoets

💕 8th April – Joined Cecilia Knapp‘s online workshop group

March 2020

14th March – Competed in Lyra’s Bristol Poetry Festival Slam. Last event before began shielding for Covid.

February 2020

25th February – Headlined Poetry+ alongside the UniSlam team.

3rd February – Milk Super Slam! (debut of The Austere Beauty, Black & White and Perfect) at The Wardrobe Theatre.

January 2020

Co-Coached the Bath Spa University national poetry team (of Raina Greifer, Megan Baxter, Holly Moberley, Alex Levontine, Georgia Stride and Sophia Kaniklidou) for UniSlam. (Semi Finalists)

March 2019

💕 Helped Allographic Press create ‘Small Word, Wide World’ anthology celebrating International Culture in Cambridge in a sub-editor role.

Runner up in the Lyra Bristol Poetry Festival slam (to Kat Lyons)

📖 ‘Disorderly Conduct’ and ‘The Grey Garden’ published in UniSlam Anthology 2019 (created by Anne Gill).

January 2019

Co-Coached the Bath Spa University national poetry team (of Raina Greifer, Holly Moberley, Alex Calver, Tierney Elliott and Rose Butler) for UniSlam. (Semi Finalists)

September 2018

📖 ‘The Siren Song’ published in the The Dizziness of Freedom Anthology by Bad Betty Press on September 10th 2018.

June 2018

🔎 Featured in ‘UniSlam: A mini documentary‘ by Process Productions for UniSlam.

January 2018

Co-Coached the Bath Spa University national poetry team (of Alex Calver, Connor Macleod, Izzi Seale, Rose Butler and Amy Stirling) for UniSlam. (Finalists, placed 2nd overall)

🏆 Competed at Hammer & Tongue Nationals in the Royal Albert Hall as the Bristol Regional Runner Up.

November 2017

27th November – Performed at University of Bristol’s Reclaim the Night event.

October 2017

23rd October – Raise the Bar Bath Spotlight event launched (“Raise the Bath”) with Raise the Bar.

18th October – Support poem for the Outspoken Press tour date in Bristol (at Bristol Improv Theatre)

8th October – Competed in the Bristol Poetry Festival slam.

August 2017

📖 ‘HIM’ published in the She Grrrowls Zine Issue 2 by She Grrrowls on August 2nd 2017.

June 2017

💕 June 30th – Graduated with a First Class Bachelors degree in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University.

📖 June 27th – ‘I will Only Perform This Poem Once’ and interview shared in audio format on Laura Rawlings’ show on BBC Radio Bristol.

June 6th – Performed at the Poetry Arch at University of Bristol.

May 2017

May 26th – Performed at Bath Festival on an outdoor stage.

May 10th – First official billed support slot at Raise the Bar Spotlight Bristol.

May 8th – Support poem for Shane Koyczan’s Bristol tour date in St. George’s Bristol.

April 2017

🔎 April 10th – Featured in Episode 4 of ‘Scores, Please‘ by Process Productions.

March 2017

March 16th – Performed as part of Team Raise the Bar in an event called Raise the Bar vs Boomerang alongside Craft-D, Tim Ledwitch, Sam Grudgings and James McQuade (Team RTB) and Jake Wild Hall, Maria Ferguson, Tyrone Lewis, Joel Auterson and Alexander Woody Woodward (Team Boomerang).

February 2017

🏆 Competed at VARSITY an inter-university slam alongside Connor Macleod, Rohan Wolsey and Sanket Shrestha. Connor and I were the two finalists so Bath Spa won the Team trophy, and Connor won 1st place overall (I came second).

January 2017

🏆 Competed at Farrago National slam competition.

🏆 Competed at UniSlam in the Bath Spa University national poetry team (of myself, Rohan Wolsey, Rhys Ashton-Tucker, George Cook and Connor Macleod) for UniSlam. (Semi Finalists)

🏆 January 4th – Competed at Hammer & Tongue Bristol slam and won, making me eligible for Regionals, and making me a Bristol slam champion (having won all the slams currently running in Bristol within a month).

🏆 January 2nd – Competed at Inkbomb slam in Bristol and won.

December 2016

🏆 December 21st – Competed at Milk Poetry Slam (my first ever slam win!) and won.

September 2016

💕 Founded the Bath Spa University Spoken Word and Performance Poetry Society.

August 2016

25th August – Performed a co-headline set at Raise the Bar at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

June 2016

🔎 Was mentioned by Lucy English in an article on the Guardian website titled ‘The growing popularity of performance poetry is a boost for mental wellbeing‘ on June 2nd 2016.

October 2015

💕 28th October – Became co-host of SPARTAN Poetry, a poetry podcast at Bath Spa University.

April 2015

23rd April – First ever Bath Spa PRIDE event (including spoken word). Performed at and organised.

September 2014

💕 I begin Lucy English’s module ‘Performance Poetry’ at Bath Spa University – and I write my first spoken word poem ‘Don’t Look At My Legs’.