June 2021

Listed on the Bristol Post’s Pink List of the 73 Most Influential LGBTQ+ people in Bristol.

🏆 January 4th – Competed at Hammer & Tongue Cambridge slam and won, making me eligible for Cambridge Regionals for 2022 Nationals.

May 2021

🏆 Competed at the World Cup of Slam (la Coupe du Monde). Grand Slam Finalist (5th overall).

April 2021

📖 April – ‘Tracey Emin Got Nothin’ On Me’ published in the Golden Walkman Magazine Themed Issue ‘Isola’. (Link pending)

📖 24th April – Collaborated with ‘The Open Collab‘ by Charlie and Jake on The Moons I & II. Link

🔎  22nd April – Radio Interview and shared poems alongside Tyrone Lewis on Hammer & Tongue Radio. Listen here.

18th April – Runner up in the Lyra Bristol Poetry Festival slam (to Holly Moberley)

March 2021

💕 31st March – Joined the Apples & Snakes‘ Red Sky Sessions.

💕 28th March – Founded the St. Loe Collective.

27th March – Coached the Bath Spa University national poetry team (of Megan Baxter, Tyjana Howard, Gem Baskerville, Raina Greifer, Erin Green and Jessica Graham) with Callum Wensley for UniSlam. (Finalists: Finished third overall)

📖 26th March – ‘Sunburnt’ published in UniSlam Anthology 2021 (created by Anne Gill).

🔎 15th March – Radio Interview and shared poems on The CakEhole Show (102.5FM, Soundart Radio)

🏆 Became UK Slam Champion at Farrago National Slam. Qualifying for the World Grand Slam in May 2021.

February 2021

📖 ‘What If The Moon Loved You’ shared in audio format on BBC Upload on BBC Radio Bristol on February 1st 2021.

📖 ‘Home and Where The Heart Is’ published in the Sanctuary Anthology by Dream Well Publishing (Link pending)

Headlined Hammer & Tongue Cambridge.

January 2021

📖 ‘After You (Left)’ published in the January 2021 edition of Versification.

December 2020

📖 ‘Teeth’ published in the Paper Therapy: COA Edition Anthology by Jess Dawson on December 5th 2020.

🔎 Featured in ‘What is UniSlam?‘ by Process Productions for UniSlam.

November 2020

📖 ‘Castle Ruins Subsiding Into The Sea’ published in the Rebloom Anthology by Point Positive Publishing on November 21st 2020.

📖 ‘In Anticipation of your Unfortunate Demise’ published in the Rebloom Anthology by Point Positive Publishing on November 21st 2020.

📖 ‘The Grey Garden’ published in VOICES issue 2 by Untitled Writing in November 2020.

📖 ‘Sister’ published in VOICES issue 2 by Untitled Writing in November 2020.

📖 SkyArts (via CPL Productions) aired Life & Rhymes episode 2. Which included a performance of my poem ‘Perfect’

October 2020

📖 ‘Poetry in the Time of Covid-19’ published in the Mental Health In The Pandemic Anthology by SLAMMinutes on October 14th 2020.

📖 ‘The State of Denmark’ published in Issue Two: Waterloo of Wine Cellar Press in October 2020.

📖 ‘Civil Unrest’ published in Big A Little A Anthology 2020 by Big A Little A Anthologies in 2020. (Link pending)

🔎 Interview ‘Mixed Personality Disorder‘ published by Jemima Hughes on October 14th 2020.

September 2020

🔎 22nd Sept – Filmed ‘Perfect’ for SkyArts (via CPL Productions) Life & Rhymes episode 2.

📖 15th Sept – ‘Believing in Blurry’ published in the Poetic Vision anthology by WORDStafford.

🏆 4th Sept – Came 2nd in Hammer & Tongue Regionals (Cambridge). Qualifying for Hammer & Tongue Nationals.

July 2020

28th July – Verve Poetry Press asked to publish my debut collection in Spring 2022.

June 2020

30th June – Performed a Winchesterfest hour long set.

May 2020

📖 ‘The Austere Beauty of Trying Not to Die’ shared in video format by Process Productions on Muddy Feet Poetry video channel on May 7th 2020.

April 2020

📖 ‘Anaesthetic’ published in Lockdown Poems of Ledbury Poetry Festival website on April 30th 2020.

14th April – CandleLit’s first poetry competition was launched. Embers, Ignite. Launch of CandleLiterature.com and @CandleLitPoets

💕 8th April – Joined Cecilia Knapp‘s online workshop group

March 2020

14th March – Competed in Lyra’s Bristol Poetry Festival Slam. Last event before began shielding for Covid.

February 2020

25th February – Headlined Poetry+ alongside the UniSlam team.

3rd February – Milk Super Slam! (debut of The Austere Beauty, Black & White and Perfect) at The Wardrobe Theatre.

January 2020

Co-Coached the Bath Spa University national poetry team (of Raina Greifer, Megan Baxter, Holly Moberley, Alex Levontine, Georgia Stride and Sophia Kaniklidou) for UniSlam. (Semi Finalists)

March 2019

💕 Helped Allographic Press create ‘Small Word, Wide World’ anthology celebrating International Culture in Cambridge in a sub-editor role.

Runner up in the Lyra Bristol Poetry Festival slam (to Kat Lyons)

📖 ‘Disorderly Conduct’ and ‘The Grey Garden’ published in UniSlam Anthology 2019 (created by Anne Gill).

January 2019

Co-Coached the Bath Spa University national poetry team (of Raina Greifer, Holly Moberley, Alex Calver, Tierney Elliott and Rose Butler) for UniSlam. (Semi Finalists)

September 2018

📖 ‘The Siren Song’ published in the The Dizziness of Freedom Anthology by Bad Betty Press on September 10th 2018.

June 2018

🔎 Featured in ‘UniSlam: A mini documentary‘ by Process Productions for UniSlam.

January 2018

Co-Coached the Bath Spa University national poetry team (of Alex Calver, Connor Macleod, Izzi Seale, Rose Butler and Amy Stirling) for UniSlam. (Finalists, placed 2nd overall)

🏆 Competed at Hammer & Tongue Nationals in the Royal Albert Hall as the Bristol Regional Runner Up.

November 2017

27th November – Performed at University of Bristol’s Reclaim the Night event.

October 2017

23rd October – Raise the Bar Bath Spotlight event launched (“Raise the Bath”) with Raise the Bar.

18th October – Support poem for the Outspoken Press tour date in Bristol (at Bristol Improv Theatre)

8th October – Competed in the Bristol Poetry Festival slam.

August 2017

📖 ‘HIM’ published in the She Grrrowls Zine Issue 2 by She Grrrowls on August 2nd 2017.

June 2017

💕 June 30th – Graduated with a First Class Bachelors degree in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University.

📖 June 27th – ‘I will Only Perform This Poem Once’ and interview shared in audio format on Laura Rawlings’ show on BBC Radio Bristol.

June 6th – Performed at the Poetry Arch at University of Bristol.

May 2017

May 26th – Performed at Bath Festival on an outdoor stage.

May 10th – First official billed support slot at Raise the Bar Spotlight Bristol.

May 8th – Support poem for Shane Koyczan’s Bristol tour date in St. George’s Bristol.

April 2017

🔎 April 10th – Featured in Episode 4 of ‘Scores, Please‘ by Process Productions.

March 2017

March 16th – Performed as part of Team Raise the Bar in an event called Raise the Bar vs Boomerang alongside Craft-D, Tim Ledwitch, Sam Grudgings and James McQuade (Team RTB) and Jake Wild Hall, Maria Ferguson, Tyrone Lewis, Joel Auterson and Alexander Woody Woodward (Team Boomerang).

February 2017

🏆 Competed at VARSITY an inter-university slam alongside Connor Macleod, Rohan Wolsey and Sanket Shrestha. Connor and I were the two finalists so Bath Spa won the Team trophy, and Connor won 1st place overall (I came second).

January 2017

🏆 Competed at Farrago National slam competition.

🏆 Competed at UniSlam in the Bath Spa University national poetry team (of myself, Rohan Wolsey, Rhys Ashton-Tucker, George Cook and Connor Macleod) for UniSlam. (Semi Finalists)

🏆 January 4th – Competed at Hammer & Tongue Bristol slam and won, making me eligible for Regionals, and making me a Bristol slam champion (having won all the slams currently running in Bristol within a month).

🏆 January 2nd – Competed at Inkbomb slam in Bristol and won.

December 2016

🏆 December 21st – Competed at Milk Poetry Slam (my first ever slam win!) and won.

September 2016

💕 Founded the Bath Spa University Spoken Word and Performance Poetry Society.

August 2016

25th August – Performed a co-headline set at Raise the Bar at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

June 2016

🔎 Was mentioned by Lucy English in an article on the Guardian website titled ‘The growing popularity of performance poetry is a boost for mental wellbeing‘ on June 2nd 2016.

October 2015

💕 28th October – Became co-host of SPARTAN Poetry, a poetry podcast at Bath Spa University.

April 2015

23rd April – First ever Bath Spa PRIDE event (including spoken word). Performed at and organised.

September 2014

💕 I begin Lucy English’s module ‘Performance Poetry’ at Bath Spa University – and I write my first spoken word poem ‘Don’t Look At My Legs’.